Decorating with Dry Nature

Updated: Jun 24

Home decor with Dry Nature

Having natural elements in our homes can really bring things to life and decorating your home’s interior with dried branches can be a unique, more when you do not have the time to take care of them on regular basics.

I love any type of Dry flowers, branches, leaf, Palms, Pampas grass, plumes, Cotton you name it! I love the fact that it brings into the room a calming and deep feeling, you feel Nature throughout the room with a Bohemian feeling and combined with the right Pot you the upscale look you may love.

Dry elements textures are taking the Home decor world now days because they add a bit of intrigue and whimsy to your interior spaces and you should be part of it!

As someone who regularly do not have much free time to babysitting my plants, I decide to share with you my favorite collection and I named it “ DRY NATURE” . Link to SHOP!




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